A Custom Kitchen by Bercel, Custom Home builder in Phoenix, AZ
"We cannot begin to express our appreciation for your fine craftsmanship, integrity and patience with us..."

-Gloria & Jack Hostak

"We've done business with many contractors over the years - but we've never had the good fortune of working with such a professional organization as Bercel Builders. There are no surprises - its obvious customer service and satisfaction are their top priorities". 

-Robert  &  Deborah Lukens

"We cannot begin to express our appreciation for your fine craftsmanship, integrity and patience with us. It was a very enjoyable experience, let’s do it again! Especially notable was the clean building site. We're sure this was greatly appreciated by our neighbors. We would highly recommend Bercel Builders. We never considered another builder."

-Gloria & Jack Hostak

"We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the joy we experienced during the building of our home. We are so happy with the results that started out as our dream. We feel the house is a part of us. We selected Bercel Builders because of your workmanship and long lasting quality. Our closest friends have lived in their home, built by Bercel Builders, over eight years ago and it still looks as though it was built yesterday..." 

-Don &  Bev

 "The quality of Bercel Builders is evident ... with all the experience, service and satisfaction you expect from a professional builder - but receive from only a few - Bercel makes building a custom home a real pleasure."  

-Don & Bev Copoulos


"When we decided to build our dream home we were so fortunate to choose Bercel Builders. We have a beautiful quality home we are very proud of. The customer service and satisfaction we have received has been excellent. We would not hesitate to recommend Bercel Builders to anyone wanting to build a superior quality home."

-Betty & Merv Mann

"We are so pleased with our new home! Your vision for this house truly fits our vision, even though we hadn't thought of it! The follow up work by your crew has been great. Thanks to all those people. And thank you so much for making this possible for us. We plan to live here a long, long time. We still think we have the best home ever built for us."

-Joann Prendergast

Letters to the Editor 'The Fountain Hills Times'

"Sixteen years ago we had our home built by Bercel Builders. For those of you who are new to Fountain Hills, Bercel Builders not only resides here but have been providing quality homes and remodeling work for more than 30 years in the Fountain Hills area. So after 16 years we finally had to call Bercel Builders to look at two small problems. They responded immediately. One problem was fixed immediately on the spot, no questions asked, and the other was scheduled for repair. Fountain Hills is blessed to have such a professional, quality builder that stands behind their work even after 16 years"

-Donald Copoulos -The Fountain Hills Times / September 14, 2011


 Thanks for a job well done! We presented John Bercel of Bercel Builders with a nearly impossible task - reface our fireplace and install a new mantel in less than two weeks...Coming from a commercial construction background myself, I was fully aware of the daunting nature of the request we were making of John, His staff, and his subcontractors. Happily, sometimes all the pieces fall together and this was one of those times. John and his crew were able to get the entire project - and a couple of extras we hadn't considered - done the day our guests arrived, thus setting the stage for a great family celebration in front of a warm fire under a new custom-made mantel. Our thanks to John Bercel and Bercel Builders. They got it done when it seemed undoable and in the process proved the old business adage: "Under promise and over deliver."

-Rock & Wendy Rickert -The Fountain Hills Times / December 7, 2011

"Construction in my neighborhood has been very active this year, and the activity has provided ample opportunity to see how various construction companies manage materials and worksites. Some use the street to store their tiles and timber; some use the neighbor’s lot for storage space. Many of these sites are cluttered with pieces of boards, tiles, foam, nails, etc. from excavation to final inspection. It's not a pretty sight and when you add the loud radios, shouting and end of the day beer for the crew, it's not a pretty sound either. Should someone get behind a “Clean up the Construction Site" program, let me rush to nominate Jack Bercel as chairman. Watching Bercel Builders construct a home is a little like time-lapse photography. You know they're working because a structure is going up but the site never looks disturbed. I have driven by several Bercel building sites - they're all the same - clean and quiet. They set the example of how it should be done."

-Mildred A. Russel

"My husband and I had the Bercel folks build our addition years ago and have moved several times since. Every time we have a new home, we call the Bercels’ for all kinds of help and referrals. Jack and his family have been our source for quality and reliability all these many years..."

-Doris Wigington -The Fountain Hills Times / September 21, 2011